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Lose weight fast with the right weight loss plans.
Do you want to lose weight the easy way? Do you want to look good for a big event, like a wedding or a big birthday? Chances are, you already have a goal of how many pounds you want to lose. Whether it’s those last 5 pounds from your previous diet or 30 pounds to be more healthy, a fast weight loss plan can be safe and easy if you follow certain rules.

Before you embark on any diet, consult your doctor and let him know what you plan to do. He will evaluate your general health and will advise you on what you can and cannot do, especially if you’re dieting because of a health issue. A calorie restricted diet may not be recommended for you. Also, if you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, your weight loss plan will be different from those who are in good health.

Fast weight loss is achievable because all diets have the same basic principle. The total calorie intake should be less than the energy or total calories you burn. By limiting and cutting down on your daily eating and increasing your activities, you’ll be on your way of maintaining or even losing weight. Now, for faster results, you need a plan that will take into account your eating habits, the foods you like to eat and your daily activities. Also, a lot of experts have weighed in on what kinds of fast weight loss plans are safe and easy to follow. If you’re ready to start, here are some basic rules.

Keep a journal of what you eat for a week before you go on your fast weight loss diet. Start with your morning breakfast. What do you eat and what amounts. A cup of cereal? What kind of cereal is this? Do you eat eggs in the morning? How many do you usually have? Or are you just a coffee and toast person? If so, how many slices and how many cups. Do the same for snacks or in-between meals, lunch and dinner. Remember that this journal is not to judge your eating habits, but to show you what you eat and what foods you can keep even while on a diet. Of course there will be certain foods that need to be eliminated, but the goal here is not to punish or deprive you, but to eat healthier so you can reach your fast weight loss goal so much faster.

From your journal, write down what foods you really enjoy. You might be surprised that it’s not the donuts for before dinner grazing you like, but the big bowls of salad or fresh fruits in between meals. A good diet will cut down on the total calorie intake without sacrificing quality, freshness and nutrients. Forget about fad diets or celebrity diets. These diets are fads for a reason. They are not effective and may even be dangerous for some. Again, consult your doctor if you want to go on these all protein or no protein diets. Do not put your health in danger because of your fast weight loss goal.

After your food journal, list down your activities. Do you walk to the bus stop or subway? Do you drive to work? Do you run errands while at work or are you chained to a desk? Do you use the stairs to get to your office or is it always the elevator for you? Take note that for every added physical activity, the more calories you will burn. So take the stairs to the fifth floor.

Pace yourself so it’s not an out of breath activity. Walk for a few minutes during your break time. Spend your lunch hour at a nearby park and walk. Fast weight loss will depend on how much more calories you burn versus the calories you take in.

Now, list your goal. How many pounds do you want to take off? Pick a start date. Make it a personal one. Choose one of the dates that has significance, like a birthday, graduation or anniversary. This way, when you look back, you know that you started on such date and have the satisfaction of knowing that you made that first step on staying healthy on a great day. Next, start fresh. Forget all the diets you’ve done before, the successes and the failures.

Let your friends, family and coworkers know about your goals. This way, you can count on their support and can give you a boost whenever your will power flags. When you’re on diet and not as much of the unhealthy food you loved to eat before, your mood will be affected. There will be days when you’ll feel angry or sad. Days when you feel that you’re hungry and are depriving yourself. Work through these feelings and come out stronger and more empowered.

Now that you’re ready to start on your fast weight loss plan, it’s time to choose a diet that’s right for you. A heart healthy is becoming a very popular diet because it is balanced and nutritionally sound diet, perfect for your fast weight loss plan. The emphasis here is portion control and portion size. It involves eating a variety of foods and also takes into account the nutrients your body needs to function properly.


stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and it’s two pronged goal is to help you lose weight and help you control your blood pressure to reduce your risk to heart attacks.

In some studies, the DASH diet has been found to help reduce the body’s systolic pressure by 7-12 points and that is a huge number that translates to lower heart attack risks. With your fast weight loss plan and DASH, you can be on a healthy course in just a few weeks. One of the things that this diet wants to control is your salt or sodium intake. This means cutting down on processed foods which are notoriously high in salt. Instead, focus on vegetables, fruits, and dairy products which are low in fat. Allowed in the Dash diet are whole grains and nuts.

Fish and even poultry are recommended, so it is not just a salad diet! Foods are grouped together and you can choose from that food group, just make sure that you know the serving sizes and portions. Follow these recommended portion. Yes, you have to be strict about sizes, but this just helps you know where you are and what you can expect. Do not think of it as deprivation and restriction.

Read labels when you shop for food because you want to get hold and control your salt, so don’t let it sneak up on you on packaged foods that are allowed in this diet. Your goal of fast weight loss is definitely achievable. It will require a bit of work and lots of activities. The good news is, you can be your own biggest loser and be proud of it. Fast weight loss does work, if done right.

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